Inset Gas Fires

Refresh your fireplace with a classic inset gas fire. The Valor range comes in a wide variety of options, including control types, colours, fret styles and engine types, allowing you to find the perfect fire to suit your space. With Slimline and Full Depth options as well as high efficiency and models suitable if you don’t have a chimney, it’s even easier to find a replacement fire that fits your home.


There are products in our inset range suitable for the following flue types:

brick chimney flue type

Brick Chimney

pre-fabricated flue type

Pre-Fabricated Flue

pre-cast flue type

Pre-Cast Flue

no chimney flue type

Balanced Flue

What is Trueflame?

The Trueflame range offers you maximum customisability when choosing your gas fire. Combining our market leading engines with a wide range of trim and fret options, this mix and match range provides the widest range of choices to help you create the perfect gas fire to compliment your space.

What is a high efficiency fire?

These glass-fronted inset fires lead the way in the effective use of energy by reducing wasted heat and fuel – good news for the environment, and good news for you as these fires will be cheaper to run.

What are Full Depth and Slimline fires?

The phrases Full Depth and Slimline refer to the depth of the fireplace opening that your inset fire will slot into. Aptly named, a full depth fire requires a deeper space and will be applicable to most standard existing fireplaces, whereas Slimline fires are much shallower and will be required when the space available is limited.

Full Depth Convector

Our range of full depth convectors feature a comfort enhancing combination of radiant and convected heat with an open fronted fire for maximum atmosphere.

Full depth high efficiency convector

Valor Inset High efficiency models feature a glass front that prevents energy wastage and maximises efficiency.

Slimline convector

Suitable for shallower fireplace openings, the Valor range of Slimline convectors are available in select designs and feature an open front.

Slimline high efficiency convector

Suitable for shallower fireplace openings, these fires come in select designs and are glass fronted for maximum efficiency.

Full depth Hotbox

Created with affordability in mind, this limited design collection features an open front for all the atmosphere of a real fire.

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