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Social Housing Solutions

Our dedication to retain our reputation for excellence within social housing is reflected in our unrivalled range of partnering schemes, along with our comprehensive range of gas and electric fires that are designed to provide superior comfort and affordable heating solutions.


Our Responsibility

Energy efficiency and affordable warmth are major considerations when specifying fires for social housing. By working closely with local authorities, housing associations and registered social landlords, we are able to supply superior comfort to tennants with our economic, energy efficient heating solutions, without compromising on quality.

Both our gas and electric product ranges work to address the ongoing need to reduce carbon emissions from the UK's housing stock to meet stringent national and international climate change targets. Our range of products can deliver effective single-room heating in any house type and, in some cases, can reduce the need for reliance on inefficient, whole-house heating systems. They also offer full controllability which means tenants can easily adjust the heat output, and therefore the energy consumption, thus reducing carbon emissions. 

Our Products

Today with millions of Valor gas and electric fires installed throughout homes in the UK, the Valor brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and energy efficiency. These attributes are reflected in a comprehensive range of gas and electric fires and electric suites that are dedicated to social housing, confirming our reputation for excellence.


Modern electric fires are packed with safety features which meet even the highest of safety standards, and all of our electric fires have been BEAB approved. Dedicated models have been designed specifically to meet the demands of the social housing sector, with features such as thermostats, one-piece moulded fuel beds, kettle plugs and dedicated safety cut-out functions. The result, of course, is added peace of mind that the appliance is fit for purpose, particularly for homes with vulnerable occupants.

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