Five Benefits of a Gas Fire

Valor Inspire 600 with Napoli Suite

For centuries a fire has been the heart of the British home, but with so many options available to homeowners today, choosing the right fire can be a daunting task. A gas fire can provide a room with a cosy ambience, authentic flames and stylish design offering the full package for an unbeatable atmosphere in the home. But don’t just take our word for it; here are five reasons why having a gas fire could be the ideal option for you.

  1. Low running costs to keep your energy bills down There is a common misconception that a gas fire is an expensive cost to homeowners, but with natural gas remaining the lowest costing fuel, the option of gas fires could not be more viable
  2. Real flames for optimum tranquillity – There is no better feeling than cosying up in front of the warmth and flickering light of actual flames. What’s more, Valor’s gas fires are capable of delivering heat efficiencies of up to 89% and heat outputs of 10.8kW, so you can heat your room with ease whilst enjoying the firelight. 
  3. High safety standards for peace of mind Safety is a huge factor to consider when choosing a fireplace, especially with children or pets in the home. Gas fires give you that peace of mind, as they can be turned off instantly and there is no need to worry about fly-away sparks. What’s more, Valor gas fires are designed, manufactured and tested to the highest industry standard, giving you even more reason to relax and unwind.
  4. A cleaner option The tiresome need to chop or collect wood is eliminated with a gas fire – and by turning the fire on and off with just a flick of a switch, it could not be easier to use.
  5. Stylish and flexible designsIndividuality is key to making a house a home. That’s why you can customise your Valor Inspire fire with complete flexibility of design. Choose from oak or rustic log fuel beds, five ceramic back liners and two trim designs – all with the choice of a Fireslide control or an advanced remote control for the ultimate convenience.

Want to know more about how a gas fire would fit into your home? Find your local Valor Centre here and see the quality of our products for yourself.