Valor Radiant Fires

Radiant gas fires offer high efficiency and excellent heat output, providing comfortable, radiant warmth in your room. Suitable for all types of chimney, these fires offer superb efficiency and high heat output for maximum economy from your gas fire. These fires can be hearth or wall mounted.

All Valor radiant fires are suitable for the following chimney types:

brick chimney flue type

Brick Chimney

pre-fabricated flue type

Prefabricated Chimney

pre-cast flue type

Pre-cast flue

What is radiant heat?

A radiant fire works by heating a ceramic plate which will then send out rays of energy that convert to heat once they hit and are absorbed by the body. A great example of radiant heat is the sun. On a cold day when you stand in the sunshine, you will still feel the warmth on your face, but when you stand in the shade you will no longer feel the radiant heat.

What is electronic ignition?

Electronic ignition gives a stronger spark, making igniting your gas fire easier. Valor fires with electronic ignition utilise batteries, usually AA.