Brazilia F8S Beige & Oak

  • Fuel type: Gas
  • Flue type: No Chimney
  • Model type: Outset
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Fuel type

Our products come in a selection of fuel types - whether you need gas or electric or are looking for a solid fuel fire, our range has something for you.


Our range of gas products require installation by a qualified installer and includes insets, outsets, stoves, radiant heaters and wall heaters.
solid fuel

Solid fuel

This range of stoves are suitable for burning wood or other solid fuels.


Spanning insets, outsets and even stoves, our range of electric fires are 'plug-and-go' for easy installation straight out of the box.

Flue Type

What type of chimney does your home have?

Look at the pictures and decide which one best matches the chimney at your home then, when you find a fire you like, simply check in the features section to see if it's suitable for the chimney at your property.
no chimney

No Chimney (NC)

No chimney or flue? Balanced flue gas fires are suitable in this case.
brick chimney

Brick Chimney (BC)

The classic brick built chimney is suitable for all gas fires.
pre-fabricated flue

Pre-fabricated Flue (PF)

Pre-fabricated chimneys are suitable for most gas fires dependent on flue depth and diameter.
Pre-cast flue

Pre-cast flue

Pre-cast flues are found in most modern homes and are suitable for slimline gas fires.

Model Type

There are five main model types in our fires range, all suitable for replacing an existing, out-dated fire or for re-vamping your space with a new focal feature.


Inset fires, often known as insert fires, fit into a recess or opening in the wall, usually where there has been an existing fireplace.


Outset fires are suitable for hearth or wall mounting and have traditional styling. These are available in both gas and electric technology.


Landscape fires slot into a hole in the wall for a streamlined, stylish look.


Our range of stoves comes in gas, solid fuel and electric technology. With traditional styling, these give a classic fireplace look and feel.


A suite combines both a fire and surround for the total package.


We have something for everyone in our wide product range, with both modern and classic styles that will suit any interior.
modern style


Spanning landscape fires, stoves and insets, these fires have clean, modern styling.


These fires give a classic fireplace look and feel and come in outset, inset and stove styles.

Control type

Our gas and electric products come with a selection of different controls types, allowing you full, easy-to-use control of your fire.


A simple rotary control that allows you to turn your fire on and off and set the flame intensity.


Enjoy controlling your fire from the comfort of your seat with an easy-to-use remote control.


This control allows you to turn your fire on and off or up and down with the easy-to-use sliding control.