Radiant Gas Fires

When reliability and performance is the key requirement, look no further than the Helmsley radiant gas fire, available exclusively through Valor Centres.

Providing both radiant and convected heat, the Helmsley model boasts an exceptional heat output of 4.0kW and is 81% efficient, making it ideal for homes that rely heavily on fires as a primary source of heat.

A state-of-the-art Duplex Burner not only helps facilitate control of the radiants, it helps deliver improved heat efficiency. The Duplex burner features four control positions that enable either all radiants to be switched on, or just the centre radiants switched on at low or high settings.

Offering the ultimate in controllability, this model features a top-positioned electronic ignition for ease of access and use. Suitable for brick chimneys, pre-fabricated and precast flues, Helmsley also features a flame safety device and can be either hearth or wall-mounted.

The Helmsley comes with a three year warranty.

For more information on the Helmsley radiant gas fire, please see our Helmsley overview.