A Simple Guide- For choosing the correct fire for your home

What type of chimney does your home have?

Look at the pictures and decide which one best matches the chimney at your home then, when you’re reading through our brochure and find a fire you like, simply check in the features section of the page under ‘Chimney Required’, to see if it’s suitable for the chimney at your property.


 No Chimney (NC)

Even if you have no chimney or flue we have a selection of fires for you. Our electric fires are the solution here.



Brick Chimney (BC)

Suitable for all fires. The classic brick built chimney can handle fires with a deep fuel bed right through to shallower slimline styles.



Pre-fabricated Flue (PF)

Suitable for most fires, Pre-fabricated flues are deep enough to take most of the deep models and all of the slimline styles.



Pre-cast Flue (CF)

Suitable for a wide range of slimline fires. A number of deeper fires can be adapted for pre-cast flues with the use of a spacer kit. Some remedial building work may be required.