Quality Standards

As part of its commitment to quality, Valor applies rigorous controls to all aspects of the business.


Stringent quality controls are applied to every part of the manufacturing process which is ISO 90001:2008 approved.

CE Marks

All Valor products carry the CE Mark, complying with the European Safety Standards.

British Electrotechnical Approvals Board BEAB Approved

All Valor electric fires carry full BEAB approval. The mark of BEAB signifies that the appliance bearing it has been produced to the stringent safety requirements for domestic electrical appliances as laid down in BSEN60335.


All Valor products are made in accordance with Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001


All Valor products conform to relevant safety standards, however during use parts of the casing become hot. Therefore if aged or inform persons or young children are left unsupervised in the vicinity of the heater, a suitable guard is recommended as is normal with many types of heating appliances.In similar circumstances to ensure contact with the heater is avoided and objects cannot be inserted into the product. Gas and electric fires should never be covered or positioned where objects may fall onto them.